“Schroder’s self defense workshops are a huge success at our camp not only because she is a skilled instructor demonstrating effective techniques, but also because her engaging workshops leave campers feeling empowered and excited about being able to take care of themselves and promote their own safety.”

– Collier Reeves, Executive Director of Girls Rock NC

“Having Neal as the head coach of our Kids and teens program was all I could have asked for. His ability as a martial artist was only dwarfed by his example as a caring role model.”

– James Fiedler, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 2nd Degree

“My children and I have been Neal’s students for several years. He teaches practical and effective techniques that have given my daughters confidence that they can protect themselves if they need to. He is incredibly patient and supportive, and keeps the classes light and fun so the kids have a good time. I particularly love that he emphasizes the self-discipline and respect aspects of martial arts, and always teaches them how to avoid conflict whenever possible.”

– Greg Ames, former student